A Course in Meditation

Welcome to the new site for A Course in Meditation

I am creating several new versions of free, online instruction in how to meditate naturally. These add to the value of the original web version of Course in Meditation, that has been in continuous operation since in 2000 at Natural Meditation Initiatives.

Here now (Feb 2016) we have a short introduction called “The Guided Launch” that gives a good instruction in Natural Meditation in one hour. It is based on the audio book (CD) Natural Meditation: a guided launch with Ted Phelps, putting all of the audio tracks and the script online for the first time.

Be sure to visit the main site for Natural Meditation Initiatives. It still has the web course (2003 version) and gives a lot of texts from the book A Course in Meditation and from there you can purchase the book and the CD.

CIM Book and CD

Ted Phelps
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Designer of Natural Meditation Teaching Method
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